Jadwal Terbit Komik Elex 8 Mei 2013

op sm
tot rs lam lbn

Kategori : KOMIK ELEX
One Piece 67
Totsugami 01
Rocket Starter 01
Godhand Teru 40
Break Blade 03
Divine Puzzle 03
Faster Than A Kiss 05
Q.B Karin 02
The World God Only Knows 05
V. B.Rose 12
Princess Resurrection 06

Majalah Shonen Magz 2013 / 05

Kategori : LEVEL KOMIK
LC: La Mosca 01
LC: Love Blog Next
LC: The Arms Peddler 04
LC: Blood Alone 07
LC: Ceres 13

Kategori : KOMIK  M&C
Colorful Twinkle Love 02
Kobato  – The Miracle Girl – 02
Naughty Heiress 02
I Give My First Love to You 08
NG Life 8
Romance from the Thumb 05

Oh, My Romantic Gumiho 02

Children of Heaven
The Beginning of Summer
Love Comic Lesson
Glasses Boys’ Apartment
The First One
Let’s Meet at The Clinic
Innocent Bride
Chasing Love
My Loving Doctor
Shall We Have a Secret ?
Midnight Lolita
Catching Your Love
To Get Him in 10 Days
1/2 Love
My Beloved Bodyguard
Stupid Love
My Medicine
Love Is In The Air
Love Me


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