Jadwal Terbit Komik Elex 10 Juli 2013

ss tsu
ts sd pc gt
hsotd gto dw smur

Kategori : KOMIK ELEX
Twin Spica 01
Kungfu Boy Legends 13
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 24
Slam Dunk 18 (Deluxe)
Family 03 (Deluxe)
Popcorn 12 (Deluxe)
Godhand Teru 41
I Lied With A Kiss 02
Ouran High School Host Club 15
The Knight In The Area 17
Casting 08
Mr. Ermine 04
My First Mr. Akuno 14
Twinkle Stars 05
Yureka 23

Majalah Shonen Star 2013 / 12

Kategori : LEVEL KOMIK

LC: Deadman Wonderland 01
LC: Highschool of The Dead 01
LC: The Future Diary 01
LC: GTO 15
LC: Geisha 02
LC: Undead 02
LC: Descendant of The Darkness 12
LC: Gisele Alain 03
LC: Have a Good Night 09
LC: Nurse Aoi 22

ROMIC – euROpean coMIC
LC: Smurf – Smurferies 3

Kategori : KOMIK  M&C
D.Gray-man 03
Psychic Detective Yakumo : Alternate Story 06
Goodbye Chocolate
Field Trip Romance
Beautiful Cosplayer
Colorful Twinkle Love 04
Kobato  – The Miracle Girl – 04
Give Me Your Love 04
Rasetsu’s Flowers 09
Love Lies 08

Postman to Heaven
Platonic Form
Flower in the Shadow
Don’t look
My Boyfriend in 16
School Crisis
She’s Kids
Fixing a Broken Heart
Time to Say Goodbye
Ijime-If I Have Enough Courage
Naughty Boyfriend
Invicible Lover
When you look like an angel
Twinkle Cherry
My Beautiful Model
Sinful Love
Love Survival
First Love, Freckless and You
Love Class

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