Jadwal Terbit Komik Elex 20 Maret 2013

ss op
sd nd cmb vk
ilum mars walt ds d

Kategori : KOMIK ELEX
One Piece 66
Slam Dunk 15 (Deluxe)
Family 01 (Deluxe)
Doraemon Movie: Nobita dan Labirin Timah
SC: Karins Interchanging Life
SC: Shinobi Nize
Ruler of The Land 54
C.M.B 19
Vampire Knight 13
Beck 31
Q and A 5
Vero Musica 04

Majalah Shonen Star 2013 / 04

Kategori : LEVEL KOMIK
LC: Airgear 33
LC: Waltz 01
LC: D`s Devil King 01
LC: I Love You Most 06
LC: Mars 08
LC: Iliad 13
LC: Birdy The Mighty 09
LC: Holy Talker 05

Kategori : KOMIK  M&C
My Egoist Angel 01
D.N. Angel 15

Marry Me, Mary! 06
100% Perfect Girl 08
A Bad Cinderella 09
You’re My Everything 09

8 Bronze Warrior of Shaolin  02

Re Sto
Girl’s Love Story
Let’s Share Our Secret
Kiss Me After School!
The Flow Of Love
My Beloved Tailor
Seven Colors Prelude
A Kiss in the Night
Love After School
Penguin Love
Love Text!
Suddenly Kiss
My Gentle Wolves
Chocolate Diary
He doesn’t belong to me


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