Jadwal Terbit Komik Elex 13 Maret 2013

dora dc
sm hod dn tap

Kategori : KOMIK ELEX
Detektif Conan 72
Popcorn 08 (Deluxe)
SC: Rental Steward
Doraemon 19 (Terbit ulang)
A Town Where You Live 02
Kamunagara 04
Recollection of a Certain Pilot 03
Kisah Edo di Abad 21 V 05
I Hate You More Than Anyone 13
Hallelujah Overdrive 04
Arakure-The Wild Ones 08
Aoba Bicycle Shop 11

Majalah Shonen Magz 2013 / 03

Kategori : LEVEL KOMIK
LC: Deaths Notice 10
LC: Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy 15
LC: The Arms Peddler 02
LC: Giga Tokyo Toy Box 03
LC: Drug On! 5
LC: Zipang 16
LC: The Drops of God 16
LC: Pet Shop of Horrors 08

ROMIC – euROpean coMIC
LC : Lucky Luke – Uang Dalton

Kategori : KOMIK  M&C
NURA : Rise of The Yokai Clan 01
Shanaou Yoshitsune – Genpei War 20
Second Button is Love
My Brother is a Heartthrob
Rockin Heaven 01
Romance from the Thumb 03
Seiho Boys’ High School 04
Next to You 10

A Kiss for Money 06

Cherry 72

Chocolate Diary
Secret Kiss
I Love Dog and You
To Love a Cool Boy
Love Zipper
Words of Love
Gorgeous Twins
Just Love Me!
Love That I Should Have
Captured by Love
One Sided Love
My Mysterious Neighbor/eks CHERRY
Your Eyes Speak To Me
Cinderella’s Wish
In Love With You 1
In Love With You 2
In Love With You 3

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