Jadwal Terbit Komik Elex & MnC 04 April 2012


Tale of Sea King 43

The Knight in the Area 04 (mundur dari 14 Mar)
World Embryo 01
Creating Destiny 02
Otoboke Section Chief 19
Blooming Youth 12
Defense Devil 07
Demon Sacred 02
Dr. Koto 10
Inazuma Eleven 07
Mixim 11 09
More A Flower Than A Flower 04
Over Drive 02
Rockman The Shooting Star 02

He doesn’t belong to me
Sweet Dog’s Stories
Platonic Form

Idol’s Love Story 13
Goong [Palace Story] 25
Long Hu Men – Next Battle 7

September Storm (Terbit Ulang)
The Secret Kiss in a Fairy Tale
(Terbit Ulang)
Kabuki Prince (Terbit Ulang)

Level Comics
LC: Ami Non Stop 02
LC: Bambino Secondo 01
LC: GTO 07
LC: GTO Shonan 14 Days 05
LC: Holly Talker 01
LC: Onsen Paradise 05
LC: The Black Swindler 17
LC: The Drops of God 11
LC: Blue Seal 06
LC: Agatha Christie-Musuh Dalam Selimut
LC: Smurf-Kekacauan di Desa Smurf


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