Jadwal Terbit Komik Elex & Mnc 18 Mei 2011


Doraemon Movie-Petualangan Nobita di Laut Selatan (First)
Doraemon Movie-Petualangan Nobita di Laut Selatan (Last)
A Story of Heroes 36
Animal Doctor 07
Cute Children 16
Dodge Fighters 05
Ghost Doctor 04
Mystery Bride 03
Smash! 02
Battle Brawlers Bakugan 16
How To Be A Man 7
Millennium Snow 1
Millennium Snow 2
Together in Love 3
My Life 2
Lieru’s Love Power 1
Lieru’s Love Power 2
I Love Food and Karen-Chan
Flying Ice Angel
Color of Sky, Color of Love
Komik Korea : Idol Love Story 2
Komik Korea : Crab Kiss 2
Komik Korea : Perfect Love Project 2


Re-STO : C-Bloosom 2
Re-STO : C-Blossom 1
Re-STO : ChimaChima Papetto
Re-STO : Dynamic Duet 01
Re-STO : Dynamic Duet 02 (Tamat)
Re-STO : Edo’s Diary
Re-STO : Emotion Springs
Re-STO : Et Cetera
Re-STO : Everlasting Portrait
Re-STO : Find a New Love!
Re-STO : Humor DamKar : Pemuda Pencinta Air
Re-STO : Humor Dokter Hewan: Awas Ada Vaksin!
Re-STO : Humor Dokter Hewan: Gorila Gila
Re-STO : Humor Dokter: Pasien Berikutnya!!
Re-STO : Love Letter

Level Comics

LC: A Spirit of The Sun 10
LC: Bloody Monday 04
LC: Escape Express
LC: Fight Ippo 82
LC: Jepang Tenggelam 13
LC: Love Affair 09
LC: Miso-Com 08
LC: Oh Butterfly Oh Flower 04
LC: XXX Holic 13
LC: 3 x 3 Eyes 40
LC: Cesare 05
LC: Cubitus-Warisan Pastaga
LC: Lucky Luke-Pony Express
LC: Smurf-Smurf Kecil
LC: Johan & Pirlouit-Malam Para Penyihir
LC: Johan & Pirlouit – Seruling Enam Smurf (tidak Jadi terbit 4 Mei)

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